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Why MJX T40? 
You can hardly find helicopter with such size equipped with video cam, as the cam is built-in, you don't need to find a place to mount the cam on! You won't need to tie the cam on the heli's landing skid, also no need to worry about the balance! Different from external cam, you can control the camera by the transmitter. So that you can turn on the camera during flight, this saves the memory. (i.e, you don't need to turn on the cam before flying). It takes video right from the cockpit. The built-in cam is not low quality cam, it takes high resoultion color video, you can have a look at the video below.

Where is the cam? 
You can find it right under the helicopter body. Free 1 Gb micro SD Card There is a FREE 1 Gb Micro SD card in the pack, you can also pick a card with larger memory from the option. The factory is really user friendly that there is also a FREE micro SD card reader in the pack. 

  WHAT DOES THE GYRO DO? The gyro is an essential component in many RC helicopters. Gyros in RC helicopters are most commonly used to control unwanted movement on the yaw axis. When an RC helicopter rotates on its yaw axis, the direction the nose points (the heading) changes. The yaw gyro's job is to sense any undesired rotation around the yaw axis (clockwise or counter clockwise rotation when viewed from above), and to automatically correct the orientation of the RC helicopter. Without a yaw gyro, even if the RC helicopter was trimmed out to fly straight initially, it would eventually begin to drift and rotate right or left. Normal maneuvering of the RC helicopter and external forces can result in undesired yaw rotation. When this occurs, the gyroscope senses this change in yaw and corrects it. This results in stable flight for the RC helicopter and no undesired changes in yaw. With coaxial structure, it prodives a more steady flight. The helicopter also features full metal structure that provides high strength upon crash!

Product Details:
 Dimensions: 810mm x 320mm
 Helicopter Weight: about 655g 
 Helicopter battery : 7.4v 1500mah 
 Flyling distance: 100m 
 Flying time: about 10minutes 
 Charge time: about 3.5hours

 1 x 2.4G 4CH Helicopter (100% assembled) 
 1 x MODE-1 / MODE-2 changeable LED screen transmitter (not include batteries) 
 1 x Home 100V-240 AC Charger 
 1 x Spare Tail Blade
 1 x Micro SD Card Reader
 1 x Instruction Manual